Sunday, December 1, 2013

Purple and White Cotton Cloth

Altered a pattern from the old leaflet Dandy Disclothes.


Grandma Doris said...

I saw somewhere on your site that someone had mentioned they were having a problem winding a bobbin on their Singer7285. I just bought one and am having the same problem. It starts then stops and give me a message E2. The manual does not mention any message like that. Can you help? I'm trying to finish some doll clothes for my granddaughters for Christmas and my old machine tore up.

Deborah Cee said...

The only thing I can think of is make sure it's threaded properly for the bobbin and make sure the bobbin pushed all the way to the right and you get the double C.

Deborah Cee said...

Another thought, are you using your foot pedal to wind the bobbin? I haven't tried it without, if you can at all.