Saturday, August 31, 2013

Basic Black Skirt

My last black skirt I sewed was one of my first projects with real cheap material. I found a little better material, but smooth and hard to work with. Worked out good and it's black, so it'll be ok. I took off my shoes to show the length. Maxi skirt that I love.

I stated this two weeks ago.

Black Print Skirt

of the mater al.Some material I bought at a thrift store. Just my simple A-line with pockets, elastic waist. I made it a little wider.

Anda close up 

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Granny Square No. 6

Finished my number 6 crochet granny square.

Granny Square No 5

That kind of day. Finished no. 4 (weaving in ends), 5 and almost done with the 6th one.

Granny Square No. 4

My 4th granny square is done. I wanted to do one with just the Turqua on the boarder.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Granny Square No 3

My third square finished. Ends weaved in.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Blue and White Horizontal Print Maxi Skirt

I bought this fabric a year ago  loved the horizontal print on the bolt. Then after making 2 other skirts from my shopping fabric spree, I couldn't decide if I wanted the print to go horizontal or vertical. Love that about sewing, we get to choose, not the manufacturers.

If I made it vertical, it wouldn't be a maxi and I love maxis. SIII I thought I could add a solid extra long hem/boarder. Then I couldn't decide how I wanted it done (ruffle, pleated, etc.). Then I couldn't decide if I wanted it white or a blue color.

After going through my fabric stash I just decided to make it vertical.

Granny Square No. 2

My second granny square. First was in my last post.

Crochet Granny Square No. 1 for Afghan

First of several granny squares for an afghan. Using the color Turqua as the main and last round. I found several in my stash. Using all stash yarn. I have some tan I thought I'd use for a sweater, but don't think I'll make it. Right now I need something easy and relaxing. Granny squares fit.

9 1/2inch squares with a Size I hook (but I crochet loose).


Saturday, August 3, 2013

Crochet Edge Scrubby

I tried to post this early but it stick and I can't even open it.

I received one and copied it. I added an extra round to mine.

FMQ Doodle Ideas 11-15

More doodle ideas I did.

FMQ Doodle Ideas 6-10

More doodle ideas I drew.

FMQ Doodle Ideas 1-5

I doodled a bunch of ideas for FMQ. I posted these on Pinterest, but thought I'd post them here for those not on Pinterest. As I said they're just a doodle. 

I just had fun drawing them. They have not been done on material but some could work. If you want to, you may wish to draw them yourself and see if you want to use them or change them. 

Number 4 posted upside down and I can't fix it. It ifs Gregg Shorthand.