Friday, April 11, 2014

Reread your Sewing Machine Manuals

 I really don't want to start a thread with "I feel so stupid"
So it's "Reread your sewing machine manuals".

I was looking at my electronic manual to resend to my Kindle Fire and I was looking at the number guide on the needle plate (that big silver plate under the foot--mine has numbers and lines off to to the right for proper fabric placing--and no, I don't use it like I should). 

Then it showed that I have a 1/4" guide on my clear bobbin cover. I've never saw it.  Or took note of it. Of course I wasn't piecing quilts together when I first got the machine. 

So today I'm looking at a board on a discussion, and someone replied to my post--the original topic was about buying sergers and I showed my overcast stitch with my overcast foot (Sew Obsessed board on Ralvery). Since my material was pushed out of the way, guess what I see, bright, white and easy to see?

And my machine is called a Singer Patchwork... 

Just an FYI that was my strap to my bag I made in July 2013 here.

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