Monday, May 19, 2014

Sewed Simple Bag out of a Fat Quarter

Made another bag on Sunday.  This time I used a full fat quarter.
Used decorative stitching on the handles and top fold.

Simple bag.
Used a FULL fat quarter.
No lining.
Used a decorative stitch.
Took about 30 minutes--including ironing. 

I cut off enough of the bag to make the 2 straps, which are folded in half, then opened and each long side folded to the center fold, then folded again (sewing through 4 layers). 

Summer PJ Capri Bottoms - Sewing

Finished these this past weekend. 
This is for a May SAL - Summer Item

Used a sheet I bought at Walmart to try out patterns with and I wanted to try out this one. If you saw my capri's from last year, they ended up huge on me. So I made these as a "muslin". I like the pattern. I prefer the legs to be a bit more wide, but these are good too.  I also want to try pockets in one, but my second pair, in process, I just made the same to get use to the pattern.
Yes they're PJ's, yes I'm wearing shoes. Habit to wear shoes. But I can see what they would look like with shoes if I make a pair to wear outside (I'm on my second PJ capris though because I need these for summer and they are so easy). 

I had to unpick the waist band because I didn't get the pattern. The pattern showed 3 steps in one. I was confused.  I consulted my Reader's Digest Complete Guide to Sewing, and if I had followed what I thought was correct, I would have been fine. 

This isn't even all the thread taken out.

The pattern I used, Simplicity 2188. Just a note, every pattern, but the outside of the vest, uses less then 2 yards of fabric. Love bargains like this. But the skirt is shorter. Might be cute in the winter with leggings or sweater tights under it. I don't like short skirts. 

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Simple Sewed Bag

This shows a crochet WIP. But I did need another bag. 

Simple bag.
Used a partial fat quarter.
No lining.
Used a decorative stitch.

Took about 30 minutes--including ironing. 

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Cell phone and ear bud holder- sewing

This is a test sample.  Yes that sounds good.

I saw a cute one on Pinterest and tried to copy it without looking at the pattern. 

I took 2 pieces of scrap material, sewed it together, cut off the extra length. I sewed the sides together with the elastic, but had to unpick that.  The case was a bit too wide to hold the ear buds securely.

  So I used the top I cut off and used that as a bag for the ear buds. I sewed the elastic to the outside stretching it a bit this time, but probably should have been on the inside of the ear bud bag.  Yes I purposely used the inside fabric for the ear bud bag.
Still very usable. Just need to work on the next version... 

Monday, May 12, 2014

Flower Pedal - Crochet

Trying out this patten and made one pedal. Not bad patten. I crochet lose so it's big.
Size J hook.
Worsted weight yarn.
Patten "Flower Afghan" from the 2014 Crochet Calendar, Match 25.