Monday, July 14, 2014

1915 Doily

1915 Doily. I used 2 versions to create this doily.   Up to round 7 was the circle doily.  Then I did the half doily for the remainder. Used the 1915 wording. #crochet
Size 3 thread
Approximately 12 inches in diameter
Size F hook

Here's my finished doily:

This is the book I have that it came in (I have 3, there's a blue and green cover on the other 2):

These were all the booklets from all the patterns in the above book.  Mine is the lower right hand cover one with the TBC on it (I'm pretty sure, it's the closest I could find that matched the description of the title for the pages mine was on): 

Here was the square doily in the book.  You can see some of the instructions down below and how I had to convert them to 2014 wording:

Here's the half doily I took the last 3 rounds from. Just copying the picture the best I could since they weren't in the book:

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