Saturday, January 24, 2015

2 Granny Dishcloth

I made these and finally weaved in the ends. I used my old pattern I like.  Several round of granny square and then several of single crochet.

2 More Green Coasters

I knew I made 4 of these, but couldn't remember where I put the other two.  Here they are.

3 Coasters

More coasters to add to my collection. Left over yarn, doubled.

Friday, January 23, 2015

Bath Mat Started

Decided to make quilted bath mats. Using free motion quilting. My bathroom is blue and yellow so I bought some blue quilting thread. My bathroom is daisies.

A few photos as lighting wasn't that good.

Monday, January 19, 2015

Christmas Star Dishcloth

11 inches in diameter

Green Cowl

The full picture shows the true green. I wanted a close up, but couldn't get good color, so this if the best. I can't remember the pattern or if I changed it. It was a UFO that needed ends weaved in.

Shades of Blue Dishcloth

Made right before Christmas just in case I needed a gift. I didn't, so today I finally did today.
I took 2 pictures because I couldn't decide which one I liked.

Purple Verigated Towel Topper

Finished weaving in the ends of this towel topper that matches one of my cupcake dishcloths.

Green Coasters

I made these a while ago but never finished weaving in the ends (as always), so since I'm doing coasters, I decided to finish them first.

I just made up the pattern. Worsted weight yarn.

UFOs to 2 Coasters

I had two UFOs and instead of winding the yarn back on the skien, I just made some coasters.

Size N hook
Just 3 rounds, DC for two rounds,  HDC last round
6 inch diameter

Quick Coaster

I had a bit of bulky yarn left, so I made one coaster. I figure I'll make some miscellaneous coasters for fun. Maybe. I took my woven potholder and decided it's a coaster.  It was only 5 inch square.

Size J hook
First 2 round DC, last round HDC.
5 1/2 inch in diameter

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Weaved and Crochet Purse

Weaved two pieces, then I single crocheted then together. I crocheted a flap. Added a woven button I had in my stash. I sewed a lining to the bag. The yarn and fabric was all in my stash.

Red Heart Super Saver, color Linen
Hook size H
Easy Steps Weaving Loom

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Weaving Crafts - Yarn Dishcloth

This one I did was with cotton yarn. I saw a YouTube video about it.  Very easy. One stand of yarn was too loose but it'll make a good dishcloth.

The First Steps Weaving Loom was from Walmart and only $5.

Weaving Crafts -Coaster

First one I used the fabric loops it came with.  It ended up pretty good. Ended up 5 inch square. Would make a good coaster, to small for a potholder. 

The First Steps Weaving Loom was from Walmart and only $5.