Saturday, December 17, 2016

Cutouts - Doily

Variation of Pattern from Magic Crochet magazine. December 1995, #99.

Size F hook.  Size 3 Red Heart Fashion Thread. White. 

Grecian Beauty Dishcloth

Grecian Beauty Dishcloth
(pattern name).
#crochet #crochetdishcloth

chained less since I used a larger hook and crochet lose. I also didn’t work in the back loop although it looks nice on others, mine end up very lose because of my lose crocheting. I like the patten. 

Size H hook. Peaches & Cream yarn, pastel pink. 

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Scrap Afghan

I needed a simple afghan to work on for a while.  So I stated a double crochet scrap yarn afghan. Used a size K hook.  I crochet lose. Wrists weight yarn.

Scrap afghan finished and washed. The left shows it on my bed. The right, bunched up on my couch with sunlight to show the true colors.

 A few photos of it as a work in progress:

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

HDC Dishcloth

Since I crochet loose, I worked in both loops on this pattern.
Size H hook
Peaches and Creme cotton yarn in Azalea.
Pattern: Tiny Towels.

Sunday, August 14, 2016

I’ve been “counting” stitches by just quickly checking. In the DC solid row, I can see 2dc easily and make sure I didn’t miss a stitch. Better then having to “cheat” like he suggested on the video.
This is simple and easy. Took me a while because I put it away, then waited to weave in ends.
Yarn: Red Heart Super Saver,  Jade
Size "I" hook
Top Down Shawl by Nazanin S. Fard

Virus Shawl

Virus Shawl in worsted weight yarn. I finished the Real Teal color and added white “lace” to make it longer and larger. All from stash, Red Heart Super Saver. 

Pattern Virus shawl / Virustuch by Julia Marquardt

Size "I" hook

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Woven Stitch Dishcloth

Woven Stitch Dishcloth by Linda Bohrn
6 1/2 inch square
5.0 mm (H)

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Plum Doily

Found this doily in my stuff. I finished one round and without a pattern I did the final round to finish it.

Size "F" hook (it was with the thread.
Yarn: Red Heart Fashion Crochet Thread Size 3, Color Plum

Ripple Ridges Dishcloth

Changed: first row to 20 stitches because I crochet loose. First row changed to double crochet. Edging is two rows of single crochet, first row in pink.
Used a cone of Peaches and Cream and a touch of pastel pink.
Size "H" hook.
Pattern: Ripple Ridges Dishcloth by Haute Kippy by Bethany Sypolt 

And a close up:

Springtime Shawl

Using up stash yarn. This is a very quick pattern and might work for charity shawls needed in a hurry or gifts needed in a hurry.

Pink camo is a Red Heart Super Saver. I'm sure the solid pink is as well, no label.

I used a size 'I' hook.
Pattern: No Stopping Me Now by Marly Bird

The start:

And what I had left over in yarn:

Blue Ombre Shawl

Autumnal Triangle Shawl is the pattern name. 

Yarns in stash. I’m sure all Red Heart Super Saver.

As I was making this, I thought this would be great in the winter after a shower and it's a bit cold.

Size "I" hook.
Pattern on Ravelry:
Direct link to patter:

Chocolate Mint Dishcloth

Simple Dishcloth, Practice Single Crochet (Sc)

19 stitches across. Moved ends up as I worked.

Reminded me of chocolate mint candy. I didn't have any while working on this and was craving it for a while after... 

Yarn: Peaches and Cream in Mint and Dark Taupe. Less then half a skein.
Size "I" hook.
Pattern on raverly: 

My " Simple Dishcloth, Practice Single Crochet (Sc)"

Used a cone of cotton I have.
I changed the stitches so I could make it work for me as I crochet loose and just had a size I hook handy.
I ended up with 19 stitches. I started with row 2 to make sure that I had enough chains. I ended on row 2 as well since that makes it a square.
I did a sc edging with 3 sc in each corner.
I’m thinking this pattern works better with 2 different colors or shading. Or a long variegated might work. It’s not bad and I can add it to my cotton cloth stash. 
It looks a bit wonky because I didn’t stretch it out to a square and just finished it. That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it.
Size 'I' Hook

Yellow Cotton Clothes

I bought a large cone of yellow cotton yarn. It's called "Sunshine". I wanted more yellow cotton clothes for my bathroom which is blue and yellow.

This first is the pattern from the label on the cone. It's a basic solid granny square.

A similar one, but I added a boarder from "Around the Corner Crochet Boarder" books:

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Simple Heart--Orlando

Just did one round. Super easy. Needed something to remind me of love.

Pattern: Simple Heart Pattern by Jennifer Cirka Jaybird Designs

Erigeneia Shawl

Still updating my blog. Sorry about that, I just got busy with other things.

I plan on wearing this at work when the air conditioner kicks on, so I’ll probably wear it with a long end on the right side where my floor heater didn’t reach. That’s the hands I use for a mouse.  I crochet loose so this works for me. 

After I blocked it, I found that the wash (using Johnson and Johnson baby shampoo in cool water) opened it up more then I wanted, but I love the finished look.  You can see the openness of the shawl on the last pic.

Pattern (free): Erigeneia by Silke Terhorst. Follow the CHART, not the written instructions. Ravelry now has a spreadsheet downloadable with the pattern of the rows and counts. Helps. 

Premier Yarns Deborah Norville Serenity Sock Weight Solids I read on Ravelry that this yarn felts or did (they were old comments), so I hand washed and laid flat to dry.

5 skeins = 1150.0 yards (1051.6 meters), 250 grams. Used almost all 5 skeins. One I used to almost the end, I didn't even have to cut it off when I finished a row. The edging takes a lot of yarn, almost a full skein of this for me. 

Hook: Size H

Size: Unblocked 76 inches across the top, 32 inches down the back spine.  Did not measure after I washed it and laid it flat to dry. 


As you can see, the openings fit perfect for the fingers (not thumbs). 
Almost to edging on the above picture.
Pinned to my dress form to get a picture.  Up to row 23 it's 15 inches long down the center back.

Checking gauge above. Actually stretched a bit longer after I did a few more rows. I only measured the wing span because that's what I needed more.

On the blocking mats. I did straighten it up a bit after this photo was taken and didn't have time to take another one. I never blocked anything this big before. 

Washboard Dishcloth--Two

Made two, they were that easy.

First one: I crochet loose so I only chained 21 with 2 rounds of sc on the edging. 
8 inch square.
Second one: Using some bright colors from stash yarn, I made a second one.  No boarder. This pattern doesn't require a boarder. But one can be added, even a fancy one.

Pattern: Washboard Dishcloth by Priscilla Hewitt 

Block Stitch Dishcloth

I made this and got busy with another CAL and never finished this until today. With the open stitches, since I crochet loose, and the size, this who work for washing the long cups I have. I always have extra that don’t end up in the dishwasher because it’s too full.
2016 weekly & dishcloth CALs group
Used the yarn on a cone I have. Worsted weight cotton yarn.
Pattern: Block Stitch Dishcloths by Marta Chrzanowska

Simple Stripes Dishcloth--Two

Haven't updated my blog for a while so several posts...

Since I crochet lose, I changed the stitches on the first one and did a solid color. I chained 21 then did 16 rows. I can now add stripes as needed.

Used a cone of yarn I bought and edged in bright pink. Worsted weight cotton yarn.
Size H hook.

Pattern: Simple Stripes Dishcloth

One without to test the pattern at a shorter chain and one with.

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Star Hexagon Dishcloth 2 - Crochet

Made a second one. Only went to round 5, then a SC around for the edging.
Yarn was some I had in my stash, no label. Cotton.

Pattern download on Ravelry

Star Hexagon Dishcloth 1 - Crochet

Ended up very large because I crochet loose.
The main yarn is from a cone

Pattern on Ravelry.