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Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Crochet Inspired Scarf

Looking at the Black Panther knit scarf/shawl, I just loved it. The color, the stitch definition, everything. Since I do not knit, this is what I think it might look like in crochet. Stitches I think it might look like in crochet.

Original knit pattern,Nakia's Infinity Scarf HK Version, is a free ravelry download. It might be worth it for even crocheters to look at the pattern, which is what I did, to get an idea of what you might want to do if you want to do your own. Here: https://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/nakias-infinity-scarf-hk-version

I will single crochet as the base stitch and use stitches to match that.

Using some left over yarn to test what stitch I think might work. Might try again in different yarn if I feel like it.

March 9, 2018
Single crochet is a bit thick with worsted weight yarn. I’m going too rework the pattern with double crochet.

March 10, 2018
I want to do a very sampler stitch style. Using books I have as well as stitches I know.

March 21, 2018
Someone asked about the stitches I used, here is the brief description.

Starting with the first color, picture ender the description. 
If you want to create one, please feel free to use pattern stitches as desired and your own creativity.
Note: most stitches are worked on the right side, unless otherwise indicated.

Also note, I did not write this out like a pattern. More of the "recipe type crochet patterns". You read and make it your way.

Blue: I did double crochet cross stitches worked over 2 stitches as follows: skip stitch, work dc, work a dc in skipped stitch. I sort of followed where they were on the pattern chart. 
Green: front and back post stitches, sort of following where they were on the pattern chart. In between double crochet wrap stitches: worked around the side of the stitch.

Brown: First row worked 5 post stitches, 5 front or back, across and did this each time I worked the first row of the brown, changing which I started with. I then worked some chain spaces and post stitches to try to create some diamond/points. 
….Below is the picture of the first three colors described above:

Blue: two double crochet rows. Two double crochet double cross stitch as follows: Skipped 2 stitches, worked double crochet in next 2 stitches, worked double crochet in each skipped stitch. I varied where they went, but tried to keep some pattern. One row of double crochet. Worked DCDCS over next two rows. Dc row.
….top shows the blue described above:

Green: post stitches on a slant to create the V look. I think I did a loose double crochet, but triple crochet might work better.
Brown: Started as before, 5 post stitches, 5 front or back. Worked double crochet cross stitches over 2 stitches an entire row for a few rows. One row of basic double crochet. Then back to double crochet cross stitches. 
….these two colors on top for this picture:

Blue: worked post stitches in a slant to create the arrow look with dc rows in between. All post stitches on right side.
Green: Double crochet post stitch on right side, every 5th stitch, with dc between.
Brown: worked 5 FPDC, 5 BPDC across to end for a few rows, then just a FPDC or BPDC on the 5th stitch with dc between, then more 5 PFDC, 5BPDC to the end. Last row, FPDC or BPDC on 5th stitch, to end. 

Blue: Working on wrong side, puff stitches in various places as follows: 5 dc with last stitch left on hook, yo, pull through all loops on hook, and the puff should go to the right side. Right side of work, dc across. Repeat puff stich row. Three rows of basic double crochet. Then repeat the puff stitch row and a final row of double crochet.
Green: 5 FPDC, 5 BPDC. A row of double crochet.
Brown: Started as before, with 5 post stitches, 5 front or back. Worked pattern stitch: sc, ch 2, 3 dc. Skipping some dc on first row. Following rows: working pattern stitch in first double crochet and then 2 chain space of the previous rows. 
….this picture looks a little odd, but it all worked out fine in the end:

Blue: Chain 3, 2dc in same stitch. Then sc in dc, 3 dc in sc across, end with dc or sc for even count. Next rows will start with the ch 3, 2 dc, or sc in dc, depending on last row. After the first stitch(es): work 3 dc in sc of previous row, sc in center dc. End to keep stitches even.

Green and Brown rows:
Green: Double crochet in each dc working a long double in the sc below (blue row). Next row: double crochet.
Brown: added brown, worked 5 BPDC, 5 FPDC, 5 BPDC, changed to green. Worked green in double crochet across.
Continued in changing colors by increasing brown and decreasing green with post stitches in brown. Pattern: working 2 brown FPDC in one row, change to green. Next row 3 brown BPC before changing to green. Next row, with brown 3 BPDC 2 brown FPDC. Next row 3 brown BPDC.
In between the last of those color changes, added some double crochet cross stitches worked over 2 stitches, randomly.
Switched to brown only by working 5 BPDC, 5 FPDC across.
Continued in brown, adding double crochet cross stitches worked over 2 stitches in random places, more near the top.
Blue: One row of double crochet. 

Green: I tried to do 2 dc, 1 FPDC, 1 BPDC and changing the next row, but it just ended up random since I wasn’t paying much attention and I like the random look better. Last row double crochet.
Brown: Started as before, with 5 post stitches, 5 front or back. Next rows were triple crochet post stitches to create the start of the inverted V look, nest row I worked 2 post stitch triple crochet stitches together to complete the inverted V look with a double crochet post stitch on the right side between. Last row double crochet.

Blue: One row of double crochet.

MORE PICTURES for your viewing pleasure--and to see the side and back view:

Chic And Strong Crescent Shawl

A lot of these shawls that require a long foundation chain can result in a hump or bulge or just a little hill in the center. I tried to avoid the hump by doing a single crochet as row 1 instead of double crochet. I crochet loose, so no foundation chain for me. I still got a bit of a hump.

I crochet loose, so I did less rows and my own edging.
18 inches wide.

Hook 6.0 mm (J)
Yarn  Red Heart Super Saver Ombré
How much? 1 skein = 482.0 yards (440.7 meters), 283 grams
Colorway Spearmint 

Pattern: free download on their website here: https://www.redheart.com/free-patterns/chic-and-strong-crescent-shawl

Hot Red Granny

Somehow I had two skeins of this color in my stash. I'm not big on red. This must have been a purchase for a project I never did. Then forgot I had one skein of red and bought another one. Especially this red of red.

I used 1 1/2 to make a shawl and save the other for whatever I think I might need it for in the future without hopefully buying more (if I can find it in my stash). Plus this was long enough.

Hook 6.0 mm (J)
Yarn Red Heart Super Saver Solids
How much? 1.5 skeins = 546.0 yards (499.3 meters), 297 grams
Colorway 390 Hot Red
Color family Red

Pattern: Happy go lucky shawlette, free on the website here: https://www.fiberfluxblog.com/2016/09/free-crochet-patternhappy-go-lucky.html

This is a quick shawl. Took me about 2 days to make.

Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Pink shawl

Super quick, double strand shawl. Took me one day to make. I wanted to see if I could make one in a day, and I did.

Used 2 strands. I left off one row before the ending. I added one extra DC to each end on the edging. Used almost all the yarn.
Pattern: Mohair Glimmer Shawl by Karen Kemp Published in  Crochet Fantasy Magazine #171, Winter 2004 

Hook 9.0 mm (M/N)
Yarn Red Heart Super Saver Solids
How much? 2 skeins = 728.0 yards (665.7 meters), 396 grams
Colorway Perfect pink

Color family Pink