Friday, August 28, 2009

Blue Green Socks

Finished a new pair of socks. Uploading the pictures from my computer not photobucket, which is missing the upload button :(

This is a full picture of them on my feet. Didn't want to take them off.

This is a close up of one. They color stayed pretty close to the same. (the pink cord is the earbuds to my pink MP3 player, a SanDisk Fuze).

Yarn: Bernat Baby Jacquards
Hook: Size D
Pattern: I just made them up. The foot and leg are the basic stitch of (sc, ch 3, sc) in each chain space. Basic afterthought heel.
These are so soft and comfortable. My new favorites.


JCDiTaranto said...

I can almost feel how comfy they are -- great job!

Amanda @RusticRemnants said...

Super cute and they do look really comfy. Makes me wish for cold weather.