Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Dog USB Stick Cozy

Seeing a real cute cozy on Crochetville, but no link to her blog with info on how to make one, I made my own at lunch. I decided to do a Lab. We have a lab. So it is perfect. And I had that color in the trunk of my car (great storage space for yarn!).

Here's the entire lab with the tail attached to the keychain (the clock on this one fell off so it works perfect as it's a clip).
Here's a close up of the face with the flash stick um, sticking out. Kind of like a tounge?

Here's a close up of the cute face (I thought it was cute anyway):

Here's a side view of the lab. Yes very skinny legs. :)

And here's a photo of our real lab, Genious. That was his name when we got him from the Animal Shelter and we kept it. This photo was taken back in November last year. He's gotten a bit fat since then and was told no more table scraps (I don't give him any, just dog treats and a few... it's others in the house that spoil him more... well... )

I plan on doing a dark brown lab and then just a camoflodge cozy sine I have those colors and 3 flash sticks. I'm going to hook the keychain on my purse FOB and leave it there.
Yarn: Red Heart Worsted Weight
Hook: Size I (all I could find at first)
Pattern: Made up. I chained 3, then worked 3 sc in the second ch from the hook and 3 in the next and worked my way up. Did picots for the ears. Decreased on the sides for the mouth (and to hold the flash stick in). Attached the yarn, did chain and sl sts for the legs (didn't fasten off when doing the front, did both legs at the same time. Then did that with the back legs. Did ch and sc for the tail. I left a loop of 2 sc for the keychain, but a part of the yarn can be hooked into the keychain so I won't do that next time.

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